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Only a few hours after our yesterday´s report, the website SafeMarkets was closed down. In this short time, however, we have thankfully received a lot of information that should make it easier for us and the investors/customers to pursue their claims.

Yesterday, we published some background information on SafeMarkets and only a few hours later the website was closed down. On the occasion of our report, we also communicated with the operator Gal Barak via WhatsApp and asked him to confirm that he is the operator of SafeMarkets. Despite convincing evidence, he denied this with a brief “no”. However, he must have regarded the closure of the website as the lesser evil.

In the interest of investors, and thanks to some insiders we received some more information on the background of this fraudulent website from some trusted insiders and are happy to share this additional information:  As we have learned from a credible source, Gal Barak’s partner in the operation of SafeMarkets is the Bulgarian Marina Andreeva. She hid behind the Panamanian trustee Orlando Eduardo Sanchez Moreno. Together with Marina, Gal operates the websites and  (still online) and handles them via company structures in the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Estonia, and the UK. The details including bank details are available to us.

The call centers (boiler rooms) for these platforms in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Georgia were also under the control of Gal Barack and his staff. We have received the phone numbers and names. An update will follow shortly with details on how to follow up the claims. Please send your request by comment or email.


  1. Stefanie Stefanie September 18, 2018

    Yes they changed from to Before they are calling always from Switzerland ( 0041) , now they recommend to call Great Britain ( 0044) for support…

    • Tamir Cohen Tamir Cohen September 19, 2018

      Thank you very much. We already work on the next report on SafeMarkets, OptionStars, and Novox Capital. All information to disclose the network behind those fraudulent schemes is highly appreciated of course.

      • Jane Dow Jane Dow September 19, 2018

        I can provide you a LOT of additional information 🙂

        • Tamir Cohen Tamir Cohen September 19, 2018

          We would be more than happy to receive them. There are thousands of investors waiting for answers. Thx in advance.

  2. Jane Dow Jane Dow September 19, 2018

    also and

  3. Jane Dow Jane Dow September 19, 2018

    “best888” – Gal is using this user name as an affiliate in the Tradologic platform in order to shave all other affiliates and not pay them, he simply duplicates the leads the affiliates are bringing in all the platform in order to get free traffic only to his brands.

    Continue working with Tradologic brands and you will get scammed and eventually you wont get paid anything.

    • Tamir Cohen Tamir Cohen September 19, 2018

      Wow, if this is true then this Gal Barak would be sort a super evil guy. Stealing funds from clients via his own platforms and, addidionally, cheating affiliates.

      • John Daw John Daw September 19, 2018

        it’s true, i saw it in my own eyes.

        • John John September 20, 2018

          Like the same eyes of your fake name ?

  4. Brian stock Brian stock September 24, 2018

    Feel free to exploit the services of [email protected],com, a certified recovery expert,when trader world was closed down i had to engage his services and he came through,i recovered my funds back with no hassle.Thank me later.

  5. Kuki Kuki September 25, 2018

    So i first registered trough BitProfit (lots of advertizing, even in public TV stations) and it redirected me to, then i realized something is wrong, and ofcourse i didnt pay in any money, the next day guy calls me, and tries to talk me some sense that i pay in some money, then i realized its something Really bad, today, 25.09 same guy calls me, that someone copied their website, .COM ( which i registered on on the beginning) And now they are using .BIZ, so im NOW 1000% sure its a total scam.

  6. Michael Michael November 12, 2018

    How do you get your money back from the crooks?? They are already up and running as now.

    • charlenelens charlenelens Post author | November 12, 2018

      Thanks for telling us. WE will come back to you. Best

  7. gertruda gertruda January 30, 2019

    They still going on with their daily phone calls and ask for more money to insure that they can pay back my invested money (end of March 2018) which now should be about 4 times more. What is the best thing to do?

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