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While the results of legit ICO projects dwindle, there is an increasing number of fake projects staging scam ICOs. The latest one was found by Fintelegram partner Octo the Scam Hunter: FlukeCoin. 

FlukeCoins: SSL

 FlukeCoins — the SSL is missing completely. (First sign of a scam when a owner does not register a website SSL on his company)

FlukeCoins: Team Members

Pay attention to the names. The members  seem as they were taken directly from the initial website template this project is using,

Below is the according template this template

Such cool names for our ICO members

Themenio Template Members

Oh, wait… These are not real names?

3. Telegram Group and Social Channels

The Telegram group was created on 5 October, seems with little activity and with random responses…

Let’s give all the tokens for free then, maybe?

Regarding the social channels, there is no any track/record for it, although Flukecoins website has fake links to it.

FlukeCoins: The WhitePaper

After a short reading of the whitepaper of FlukeCoins, it seems as they do not really give out a solution nor any real explanation about the benefits of the FLUK token use or their proposed Eco System for the FLUK token.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The section is missing from the website, there are not even fake links for it.
The website of FlukeCoins has no company information address and regulation policies they are under. — Very suspicious.

Some helpful resources to scan a scam by Octo:
How to Analyze an ICO
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Shout-out to Octo The ICO Scam Hunter. He/She does what the name says: he/she hunts ICO scams: “It is my purpose to share this information and knowledge with as many people as possible and inform them about such scams.”

Full FlukeCoins website snapshot:

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