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First of all – it gets boring, really boring. We know that you have learned nothing but to cheat people and hack systems. You never learned to have respect for other people’s assets. We also know that you feel unassailable because you think you are ingenious and feel protected by your Israeli and Russian citizenship and the bribes you pay to officials. And finally, we also know that you stole a lot of money from investors all over the world to afford the attacks on FinTelegram.

But, dear Gery in New York, dear Vlad in Moscow and dear Gal in Sofia: we also know that you crossed the Limes with your #DDOS attacks on FinTelegram. Yes, it’s true that these attacks did us a lot of damage, but we’ll get through it. Watch and see. FinTelegram is perhaps the first media outlet to bring together the connections between your many cybercrime adventures in different jurisdictions. The authorities in the respective countries cannot do this because they are often hampered by their legal mandate. FinTelegram does not have these limitations and can, therefore, investigate and report. Hence, FinTelegram is a perfectly sharpened tool for enforcement agencies to go after you guys.

Maybe you will be able to make the websites of FinTelegram inaccessible a few more times by your #DDOS attacks. And you can run your rather funny defamation and fake news campaigns. But that’s it then. We, on the other hand, have information that we can share with enforcement agencies, investors, and other media outlets and we don’t even need our websites for that. We will show you that new technologies have not been invented to cheat society. You guys are responsible for the ever increasing control imposed on the Internet by governments. You are actually responsible for all these government controls but I am pretty sure you do not get that. Have a nice day!

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