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EuroPrime and F1Markets – Tel Aviv-based broker network licensed in Cyprus

EuroPrime is a trading style of F1Markets Ltd. licensed in Cyprus with CIF license number 267/15 and we have recently portrayed F1Markets on FinTelegram. However, the beneficial owners of F1Markets, as well as, key operating units are located in Israel. In fact, many of the investment companies registered and licensed in Cyprus are Israeli dominated. According to involved lawyers, CySEC has a long tradition of a rather "relaxed regulatory approach" as the Italian market supervisory authority CONSOB implicitly stated in the case of Rodeler Limited.

Answer to the request for information – Rodeler laywers asks for immediate removal and claim ‘unjustified request’

We have received several messages and warnings from Rodeler's lawyers regarding our reports on Rodeler, F1Markets, and Royal Forex. The Rodeler lawyers see the reputation of their clients damaged by any report about possible connections with the above-mentioned companies might be working together. They implicitly label insider and whistleblower information as irrelevant. Even the request for information about Royal Forex and existing rumors about connections between Royal Forex and Rodeler would not be justified. The lawyers insist that we would not be allowed to request further information regarding possible connections of Rodeler with other brokerage schemes.

Request for Information – Royal Forex broker network with trading styles GMOTrading and ROInvesting

Due to some interesting hints from our whistleblowers, we start the coverage of the Royal Forex Broker Network. Royal Forex Limited was registred in Cyprus in October 2015 and received the CIF license No. 269/15 from CySEC in March 2015. The CySEC register shows that Royal Forex is associated with the approved domains and Royal Forex has an branch in Berlin, Germany, with Marios Nazaris as director on both entities. Another branch is operated in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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