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Just recently, the US lawyer Stephan PALLY reported on the court case regarding the US-based crypto-startup GLADIUS NETWORK and assumend connections to the already indicted JP Morgan case. Yes, the lawyer is right with his assumptions. It is the very same Gery SHALON who has been indicted by U.S. prosecutors and is involved in this lawsuit.

“Gladius Network, LLC v. Krypton Blockchain Holdings Ltd., d/b/a Krypton Capital, (D.D.C., Case №1:18-cv-01713-ESH, Doc. 1 (Complaint), 7/23/2018, Doc. 6 (Status Report Re Service of Complant), 10/22/2018). [SDP]

Also, while it may just be a coincidence, a press release dated September 7, 2018, issued by the U.S. attorney in the SDNY references a person with an a/k/a matching the name of the person referenced in plaintiffs’ lawsuit. We, of course, don’t know if this is the same person and aren’t claiming that it is. If it is, that could be a factor for sure. (See

Read the whole article on Medium here. There is more around Gery SHALON and the GLADIUS case. Believe it or not but SHALON’s friend Vladislav SMIRNOV aka Vladislav KHOKHOLKOV is also part of this court case. Those two bad actors have not only been involved in the JP Morgan hacking and a vast security markets manipulation but also in fraudulent binary options schemes. A more detailed report will be published soon.

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