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2018 most likely will become a bad year for investors compared to 2017. This is not only true for cryptocurrencies. According to analysts’ forecasts, the stock markets will also perform significantly worse this year than in 2017 and will bring losses for investors.

Acording to a Reuters poll amoung stock analysts, the end to the bull run in global stocks is not far awAy.  Actually, nearly a third of respondents said the bull market has already ended. The stock market already tested lows at the end of October 2018. A brutal correction wiped off trillions of dollars of market value, driven by a U.S.-led trade war and a hawkish Federal Reserve. Good news is, that the October sell-off is more or less over, the 250 polled equity strategists said. But they mostly said 2018 would end up a forgettable year with most markets set to finish off in the red.

Unfortunately, the risks that have driven stocks and cryptos lower recently could still prevail throughout 2019. These include regulatory issues as well as hard forks of blockchains (techno-political issues) or the high vulnerability of cryptocurrencies to fraud. In addition, millions of investors have fled from the fraudulent binary options to the crypto area and have in many cases invested in scams. The binary options have now been banned in most countries and it is to be expected that there will also be bans and/or restrictions in the crypto sector. The expected disappointment of these investors and their lost trust must first be digested by the crypto market before a new bull run can take place.


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