Attention! Regulated high-risk payment processor GlobalNetInt is now payswix!

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In June 2021, the Lithuanian-Israeli e-Money Institution GlobalNetInt (GNI), related to the FCA-regulated MoneyNetint Group, was penalized by the Bank of Lithuania for its violations of anti-money laundering and terrorist activities financing rules. GNI has to pay €350,000 because it did not properly assess the risk posed by customers and did not always ensure that customer identification remotely complied with legal requirements. GNI has been a notorious scam facilitator and is now doing business as payswix.

Key data

Trading namepayswix
Social mediaLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Legal entityGlobalNetint UAB (GNI)
Beneficial ownersGil Trif, Israel
Nissan Trif, Israel
Yishay Moshe Trif, Israel
Raphael Yehudah Golan, UK
Liudvikas Kulikauskas, Lithuania
DirectorLiudvikas Kulikauskas, CEO
Business activityPayment services
RegulatorBank of Lithuania
Authorization code LB000434
Related withMoneyNetInt Ltd, regulated
by the UK FCA

The narrative

In 2020 and 2021, GNI had massive problems with money laundering and the systematic facilitation of broker scams and illegal gambling. Insiders have provided FinTelegram with information confirming these compliance issues. The compliance team at the time had left GNI; the Lithuanian law enforcement agencies investigated the situation. In June 2021, the Bank of Lithuania imposed a fine on GNI and a temporary restriction on its activities.

The company’s Lithuanian CEO, Liudvikas Kulikauskas, is also a GNI shareholder. He and his wife Egle Kulikauskiene used to run the payment processor Ifind MB d/b/a Findiban (www.findiban.com), which was positioned as a high-risk payment processor, offering businesses a range of financial services, including SEPA IBAN account, white-label FinTech services, or credit card processing. Upon FinTelegram reports, Findiban vanished.

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If you have any information about GNI, MoneyNetInt, and their partners, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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