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ENVION Liquidation: Update And New Criminal Complaint

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Submission Period For Claim Registration Has Not Yet Started

As part of our EFRI initiative, people from many jurisdictions have so far contacted us with the request to support them in registering claims against ENVION AG or TRADO GmbH in the ENVION liquidation.

At the request of several investors, the Swiss law firm Wenger Plattner which supports the court in the administration of the ENVION liquidation confirmed again by email as of December 17, 2018, that the submission period for the EVN creditors has not yet started. This is still not the case today, 28 December 2018.

A corresponding announcement will be made on the websites and respectively. The Wenger Plattner law firm has also announced that it is currently reviewing the business activities of envion ag and the token sales transaction. This will also include checking which information may still be required for the legitimate registration of the claims of EVN tokenholders. The law firm’s email was published on the ENVIONInvestorsTelegram Channel (

We recommend registering on the ENVION Investors’ Telegram Channel in order to receive up-to-date information on the liquidation process.

Criminal proceedings for embezzlement under AZ 257 Js 665/18 at the Berlin public prosecutor’s office opened

In the course of recording the registrations for the liquidation of ENVION AG within the EFRI campaign, it became obvious that this is not only about claims from the EVN tokenholder. Moreover, there are also long overdue claims against the project operators (TRADO GmbH and ENVION AG).

Investor money was not refunded in the following cases:

  • after a failed KYC check,
  • a failed verification of accreditation of US investors; or
  • after failed PIN transmissions for assigned EVN tokens paid for by credit cards

Since investor funds in the above instances have not yet been refunded (12 months after the Token Sale) despite repeated requests to do so, and the amounts involved likely to add up to material amounts, Istvan COCRON of the German CLLB law firm has filed a criminal complaint against the persons involved at TRADO/ENVION for embezzlement from this title.

The corresponding proceedings are pending under AZ 257 Js 665/18 at the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office, IT Crime Department.

Creditors from these legal titles can and should join this criminal complaint as private parties. We are in the process of drawing up a list. The EFRI team recommends to join this criminal complaint, so in case there is a judgement the damages can be recovered.

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  1. James L. Strait James L. Strait December 28, 2018

    Good! I gave them ten’s of thousands and never got anything for consideration, no tokens, nothing. They just took my money. I will file and thanks for the information.

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