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Posts published in “Money Laundering”

Update Veltyco Case – Uwe Lenhoff’s crypto payment coordinator Joachim Kalcher exposed

According to the now available analysis of the seized data, approximately 20% of the stolen funds went to the Veltyo Group ("B90 Holdings"). Dirty money from illegal activities. Currently, the "Veltyco Case" is prosecuted in several jurisdictions in Europe for money-laundering and investment fraud. One of late Lenhoff's close co-conspirators apparently was the Austrian Joachimi Kalcher .

Request for Information – Bobby Gill, Robert Courtneidge and their HNW investment scheme

The UK lawyer and manager Robert Edmund Courtneidge is generally considered a FinTech expert. In addition, he obviously has a lot of expertise in the engineering of scam facilitating constructions and in money-laundering schemes. Until 2018 he worked in the London office of the US law firm Locke Lord. A lot of money-laundering and investment schemes are connected with Robert Courtneidge. FinTelegram has already been researching on him over the last couple of months and again asks for more intel.

German entrepreneur, scam consultant, and money-launderer Stephan Welk arrested for fraud

Until recently, the German Dr. Stephan Welk was a busy entrepreneur and diplomat. But with his arrest at the end of August 2019, his activities were at least interrupted. The public prosecutor's office in Munich accuses him and other persons of fraud on the basis of his being a diplomat. Welk and his accomplices are accused of having defrauded a Bavarian meat wholesaler. For an amount of 1.5 million euros, they would also have wanted to get him a diplomatic passport. Allegedly the meat wholesaler actually paid €800,000 into an account in Dubai before he became suspicious and filed a complaint. FinTelegram has already reported about Stephan Welk in the past.

The EU Broker Scam Case – More than 200.000 German client-victims may have been defrauded; Five EU member states are investigating; Traces to Amsterdam and Belgrade!

The investigations of the various EU Law Enforcement Agencies into what is probably the largest European-Israeli cybercrime organization around the German Uwe Lenhoff and his Israeli partner Gal Barak are taking on ever greater proportions. 35 offices have been raided in five countries.

Binary Options Scam GoodOption – The Payment Services Provider Seroph Group, AlgoCharge, and the Austrian Meinl Bank

The Anglo Austrian AAB Bank AG (formerly known as Meinl Bank) has had a hard time during the past years and months. Besides having to fight some class actions against former subsidiaries MEL and Atrium European Real Estate for massive irregularities in some capital market transactions, the European Central Bank (ECB) revoked the bank's license at the end of November 2019. FinTelegram investigations uncovered that Meinl Bank has also been involved in Israeli binary options scams.

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