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Posts published in “Law Enforcement”

Breading News – Europol Law Enforcement action in Belgrade against broker – five perpetrators arrested – more than €60 million damage for retail investors

Austrian law enforcement agents are considered the most active and aggressive in Europe. They have acquired an excellent reputation in the field of cybercrime and…

BeAlgo & AlgoTechs broker scam – EFRI registers victims for European law enforcement investigations

In many jurisdictions, the authorities are currently investigating the fraudulent binary options & broker scams. The mills of justice are known to grind slowly but they grind. In addition, FinTelegram and the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), which we co-founded, ensure that the authorities continue their investigations and receive useful information. This was also the case with the huge BeAlgo and AlgoTechs broker scams. This scam has cheated thousands of small investors out of many millions.

Cybercrime survey – Awareness is rising in Europe

Life in our cyber society is characterized by digitalization and the Internet. Financial transactions are also handled via the Internet, as are purchases and partner searches. The ubiquitous smartphone is the new center of human life. Unfortunately, today's cyber society has also brought a new form of crime - cybercrime. Studies show that people are now more likely to become victims of cybercriminals than traditional criminals.

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