Initial Review Of Ruchi Rathor’s Pay Agency Matchmaking Platform

FinTelegram review of the Ruchi Rathor project Pay Agency
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Admittedly, we were a bit surprised when we received the invitation to Ruchi Rathor‘s new project, Pay Agency, today. Especially after the recent discussions on Twitter. Our FinTelegram team has been following the Indian payment veteran’s projects and learned the brutal art of ripping off high-risk merchants had been practiced there. Now Rathor wants to launch a matchmaking platform with her Pay Agency where she brings merchants and PSPs together. Here is our first impression.

Key Data

Trading namePay Agency
ActivityMerchant & PSP Services Provider
Social mediaLinkedIn, Twitter
Legal entitynot disclosed
Related individualsRuchi Rathor (LinkedIn)
Yuvraj Singh (LinkedIn)
Shrishty Mishra (LinkedIn)
Sharome Nirmalakumar (LinkedIn)
Dinesh JS (LinkedIn)
PayRate42 ratingBlack Compliance (profile)
Related payment schemesCryptoMatix, BitMatix,
Kryptova, PayStudio, iPayTotal
OpenUp, PayPound, OctaPay,

Short Narrative

As a matchmaker, the Pay Agency aims to efficiently match merchants and PSPs based on an advanced algorithm it claims to have developed. In addition, the company provides its platform customers with a comprehensive dashboard and the usual functionalities such as fraud protection. Interfaces to 3rd-party CRM and accounting systems are also said to be available.

In addition, the Pay Agency says in its presentation that when onboarding merchants, it subjects their documents to a KYC check and thus would only have verified merchants with legal business. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s see how it works out in real life.

The services are offered based on an annual fixed fee of $2000 for Merchants and $5000 for PSPs.

Preliminary Conclusion

Indian payment veteran Ruchi Rathor founded Pay Agency
Ruchi Rathor

Pay Agency is the new project of the notorious Indian payment veteran Ruchi Rathor. She has attracted attention in recent years by founding or funding many high-risk payment processors. Some of them, like iPayTotal or OctaPay, have disappeared with their merchants’ money. Undoubtedly, Rathor understands the high-risk payment segment perfectly and knows how to use it in her favor. High-risk merchants often operate in dark gray and black segments and find it difficult to fight back in case of trouble. Their payment processors regularly rip them off. Ruchi Rathor has perfected this approach.

Pay Agency is certainly a completely different beast. As a matchmaker between payment processors and merchants, no customer funds should actually be accepted or managed. But we can’t judge that in detail based on the documents provided.

In any case, merchants and PSPs should approach the Pay Agency with due caution.

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