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Edward Tabus is the CEO of Mad Money Casino, which operates through MMC Global B.V. with a license from Curacao. The payment agent is MMC Global Holdings Limited in Cyprus. And with the payments, the Mad Money Casino has a problem. In particular with payments that should come from its payment processor Paypound. On LinkedIn, a client has described in detail how Paypound withholds payments. FinTelegram has already warned about Paypound a few times.

PayPound LTD is NOW Falsifying chargebacks, in order to continue their elaborate scam to hold and remove money from operators. This company will go to any level to scam operators and high risk merchants. And I continue to advise all operators, and high risk merchants to cease all applications and current business operations with this company! I will continue to keep everyone updated on this scam! 

Edward Tabus on LinkedIn

Just last July, Paypound was at the center of a story surrounding millions disappearing in connection with BoomBill (read report here). Paypound is a company in the network of high-risk payment processors of the notorious Indo-British payment veteran Ruchi Rathor. Merchants should be super-cautious when working with Paypound and the other companies in this network.

Key data

Trading namePaypound
Legal entitiesPaypound Ltd (dissolved)
Self Pay IO Ltd (UK)
Next Ring Llc (Island of Nevis)
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Related individualsAmaranatha Puttana, India
Alizee Ghislaine, France (resigned)
Ana Raquel Ortega Arauz, Panama
Tina Macnelly (LinkedIn)
Mary Hill (LinkedIn)
Nishi Thomas (LinkedIn)
Arthur Jones (LinkedIn)
Abram Xavier (LinkedIn)
PayRate42 ratingBlack Compliance (profile)

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If you have any information about Paypound, its operators, and merchants, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

  1. Whistleblower says:

    The main guy behind Boom Bill is a UK citizen “Carlo Sebastian Ball” currently resides in Dubai

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