Merchant Alert: The Questionable Billing Services Of High-Risk Payment Processor Centrobill!

Centrobill and Eurobill Tech billing services
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We ran a story yesterday about high-risk payment processor Centrobill, a payment processor for “adult-oriented content.” This was given an Orange Compliance rating on PayRate42, which Centrobill felt was an attack. We were also suspected of not having done proper research in the comments to our report. Hence, here is an update on Centrobill’s subscription billing activities via Cyprus-based Eurobill Tech Ltd. We are always grateful for criticism and information.

It’s worth noting that Eurobill Tech Ltd has been associated with some controversy over the years, as the adult entertainment industry is often subject to legal and moral scrutiny. However, the company maintains that it operates within the bounds of the law and strives to provide high-quality payment processing services to its clients.

ChatGPT AI Bot

Problems of Centrobill and its subscription and collection activities via Eurobill Tech Ltd are also well known to AI bots. So these are not secrets! Quora’s AI Bot states that Centrobill is a payment processor specializing in adult-oriented content.

Centrobill offers its merchants a subscription feature based on WooCommerce. The merchants’ customers can buy paid subscriptions which, in many cases, are connected with adult content. Centrobill is one of the payment processors for the adult entertainment sites myDirtyHobby, faphouse, Fancentro, and many others. It is a discrete and sensible business. Who wants their adult entertainment subscription to be known?

In the EU, Centrobill handles the billing services for its merchants through its Cyprus-registered Eurobill Tech Ltd. At least, that is what some German lawyers report. German customers of Centrobill merchants receive reminders from Eurobill Tech Ltd for allegedly unpaid subscriptions. Among them are also customers who say that they had not signed a subscription at all. Some customers complain that subscription costs are deducted from their credit cards even though they did not sign up for the subscriptions (read the article here).

In case of non-payment of the subscriptions, Eurobill Tech Ltd (Centrobill) calls in the German law firm Auer Witte Thiel (website). This law firm then sends requests for payment to the alleged subscription customers. The matter may then end up in court. Lawyers call this a subscription trap.

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If you have any information about Centrobill, Eurobill Tech, their operators, and facilitators, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

  1. Harry says:

    As a client of CentroBill’s, I’m unsure what the motive of this article is. They work with high risk merchants, some of which are in the adult space. What is the concern for FinTelegram to issue a warning on them? There are many PSP’s and acquirers working within the same sectors.

    1. Ben says:

      Agreed. The high-risk payment sector is a tough place to be, and we have no issue with that. However, Centrobill merchants seem to be happy with them. However, Centrobill has acquired a bad reputation with consumers. Lawyers and consumer protection organizations report about complaints with their subscription billing and collection approach. Evidently, they try to collect subscription fees from consumers who have not signed such subscription agreements.

  2. Bubu says:

    Actually the article was correct. Can testify to illicit business practice’s here. Cenrobill charges you even after you cancel subscription. So yeah, no idea what defenders of this corpo scam are on about but Centrobill is scam.

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