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German Edition availableThis news certainly does not come unexpectedly for attentive readers of FinTelegram. We have followed the “COINTED case” from the outset and reported on it in detail. We do have affidavits from people close to COINTED that prove that many of the publicly made statements are false and misleading. The company’s ICO, for example, was based on a false white paper and false claims on the company’s website and in social media channels. It’s up to the authorities to finally judge this approach.

COINTED today informed its customers by email that due to “technical problems” the operation of its crypto- exchange has to be stopped until further notice. We have already reported that COINTED, founded by Christopher RIEDER, recently had payout problems and the closing of its operations was already a sort of pre-programmed. We can probably qualify the justification with “technical problems” and the claim that it would only be “a temporary closing” as an excuse. This is most likely a “closing down for good“.

COINTED has already had problems with its crypto-mining activities for some time and now the crypto exchange business must also be discontinued (at least temporarily). The founder Christopher RIEDER is involved in the crypto-scam OPTIOMENT and COINTED itself was involved int this criminal case with its crypto-ATMs. It does not take a rocket scientist to determine the overall status of COINTED. It will certainly soon become clear whether and, if so, to what extent customers, partners, and investors will be confronted with losses.

We will be reporting on this in detail shortly and support investors to claim their rights.

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