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Yukom Trials – Boiler Room CEO Lee Elbaz sentenced to 22 years prison term and 28 million restitution payment

In the sentencing the US Judge Theodore Chuang says Lee Elbaz, the former CEO of the Israeli binary options scheme scheme operator Yukom Communications Ltd, was responsible for the targeting of elderly, vulnerable victims in the $140 million fraud. Elbaz, in turn pointed her finger at her former bosses, the Israeli Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen.

End the Cold Code War – Sign the Petition to Free Naama Issachar from her Russian prison

It's a story reminiscent of the movie Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks. The film takes place during the Cold War when the East Germans captured an innocent young US student and wanted to exchange him for a Russian spy who was under arrest in the USA. In this case, we are in cyberspace in a cold code war. On the one hand a suspected Russian cybercriminal and on the other hand an innocent young Israeli. This is the story connected with the call to sign the petition for her release.

EU Groundhog Day – Bulgarian court again adjourned decision on Gal Barak extradition while U.S. courts aggressively go for his former partners!

Today another trial took place in Sofia, Bulgarian. Again, the Austrian authorities' request for the extradition of the Israeli citizen Gal Barak, who lives in Sofia, was to be decided. Again, the decision was adjourned. Scheduled for 21 October 2019 now.

Moorwand Payment Scheme – Copenhagen Andelskasse charged with money laundering

The Danish Copenhagen Andelskasse (KBH Andelskasse), under the influence of Moorwand Ltd and its beneficial owners Alain Bazille, Robert Cortneidge, and Wael Almaree, is being charged with money laundering. FinTelegram has spoken with the responsible prosecutor in Denmark who confirmed the money laundering case.

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