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Well, maybe NEXUS GLOBAL will not win any marketing price. And for sure not the price for the best “Scam Artist Action” in the Crypto-MLM space. But, from our point of view, NEXUS GLOBAL and its promoter Christian Michel SCHEIBENER will be awarded the price for the worst scam that has ever been performed in the Crypto-MLM ecosphere. Let me tell you why!

Nexus Global First Multiwallet ScamFinTelegram has been set up to consequently fight financial scams and fraudulent investment schemes. Hence, it’s in our genes to be super-critical, it has to be that way. But even if we would not be critical and would be part of the scam scene, we would have to state that today’s NEXUS GLOBAL prelaunch was the worst scam artist performance ever seen.

Even, or especially, for scam artists, Christian Michel SCHEIBENER lacks of professionality. Today’s prelaunch was just the announcement to launch something next week. That was it, full stop! The team has not even been able to provide a semi-professional website. All those great announcements and ideas turned out to be – not available. The web pages are written in terrible English and, in many cases, are a mixture of German and terrible English (see the screenshot).

Despite their promise to be transparent, not a single proof has been delivered that NEXUS GLOBAL has mining facilities or any other contracts with partners to be able to execute FOREX trading´or binary options trading. They have not even shown their allegedly “unique” multi-wallet (whatever this may be – actually there are many “multi-wallets” out there on the market.

Anybody of clear mind should recognize that NEXUS GLOBAL is a scam, a huge scam and nothing else. Even if you are willing to participate in a Crypto-MLM and take all the risks of mining resources that are actually not available, if you are aware that the only raison d’etre is to be at the top of the pyramid, you should recognize that this NEXUS GLOBAL pyramid must be avoided.

Although we are sure that NEXUS GLOBAL is a poorly performed scam, we will continue our investigations and keep you informed.



  1. Lucky Lucky May 16, 2018

    So you confirm that nexus is a scam?

    • Charlene Charlene May 24, 2018

      In our opinion it is!

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