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The forgotten career

A few months ago, on the basis of information received from whistleblowers, we published reports on the Austrian Blockchain expert Julian HOSP and his activities for the notorious Austrian MLM scheme LYONESS (now renamed Cashback). To this end, we have spoken with high-ranking people from the LYONESS organisation and obtained appropriate confirmations. Furthermore, we extensively screened the internet and found many old documents published by Julian HOSP from that time in the web archive, SlideShare and the social media and included links and references to them in our articles.

The interesting angle of this story is not so much that Julian HOSP was the leading distributor for LYONESS in Asia. The exciting thing is that this guy concealed these important years of his young professional career and did not mention it in his CVs nor in public or private communication. Let’s think about for a minute. HOSP is somewhere around 33 years old, studied medicine and graduated from the university in 2012 when he was in his late twenties. After that, he probably did the usual turn in a hospital. He is certainly not a medical specialist. So far Julian HOSP‘s professional career has been short and in this short period of time, he has spent a few years at LYONESS. In other words, this was perhaps the most important part of his business life timewise. Decisive years for sure, which is why they should not be spared out in his curriculum vitae. This is also because LYNOESS is a highly controversial scheme to say the least. Many investors and authorities consider LYONESS to be a snowball or pyramid system. Therefore, LYONESS is already prohibited in some countries. ICO investors of HOSP’s TenX would have deserved the right to know this and ask their questions.

The Fake CV?

Someone allegedly very close to Julian HOSP claimed that FinTelegram would have faked his CV (download the CV here). Why would FinTelegram do something like that? A motive for that would be nice, wouldn’t it? In addition, only one person has concealed the truth here so far and this one is not working for FinTelegram.

A copyright-protected CV?

The accusation of faking has been dismissed for the time being following a new action by Julian HOSP. At the beginning of October 2018, he registered a copyright infringement claim with the Lumen database via a Google complaint because of the “hosting” of his CV by FinTelegram. Specifically, the following URLs are involved in HOSP’s copyright complaint:

That’s good news for FinTelegram in the first place as it’s evident now that the resume is not a fake but has been baked by Julian HOSP who now claims the copyright on it. In his Lumen-Filing, HOSP argues that FinTelegram is not authorized to host and publish its resume. This would be a copyright infringement:

They have uploaded my CV – revealing personal details – which they are not allowed to do. This is my personal CV – it is not online and they are not allowed to host it online.

For the HOSP files…

Given HOSP’s Lumen filing it’s official:

  • the CV is not a fake and important;
  • Julian HOSP has been a leading distributor for the Austrian LYONESS system for years.

During his time with LYONESS, according to his own statements, he had built up a structure with 25,000 people. In the MLM language of LYONESS, this means that 25,000 people were recruited in LYONESS by Julian HOSP and his downliners. And that’s really impressive, isn’t it?

Julian Hosp book

Less impressive and is that Julian HOSP as a public person (www.julianhosp.com) is making a secret out of his past. He has done a public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with his TenX purportedly raising USD 80 million mostly from retail investors. Hence, he had to disclose his past activities which he failed to do. Full stop! Furthermore, Julian HOSP is a public speaker and the author of books telling people how to have success. Interestingly, the title of his last book is “25 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self“, i.e. he is publicly explaining and selling his professional expertise to the book readers. It’s business as usual as well as an honest approach for authors of such books to disclose their past to let (potential) readers of the book know where the experience has been gained. Dr. Julian HOSP is not interested in the disclosure of his past even though he entertains the word with exactly that topic. That’s strange, isn’t it?

    1. charlenelens says:

      Sam, he was not running under Lyoness – Julian Hosp would never be “running under something”. He was a material player in the Lyoness Ponzi scheme even if he helped his friends to come out of the scheme without harms. He is blaming us to fake his CV? although it is evident… and you are still supporting him. But this is your choice not ours.

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