Whisteblower News: NexusGobal, Cointed and a Crypto-MLM system

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Nexus Global LogoEven though we have not yet officially launched our “The Financial Telegram” (FinTelegram) project we are already receiving whistleblower news. A big “thank you” to all visitors and contributors. One of them just referred FinTelegram to a project called “Nexus Global“, a soon-to-be-launched crypto-MLM “made in Germany”. Nexus Global calls itself a “Crypto MLM”, i.e. a Multi-Level-Marketing system that is usually deployed in pyramid systems.

According to a blog post on Medium, Nexus Global” is invested (and/or plans to invest) in some projects and/or companies that just recently did ICOs such as Cointed or esports. The company promises extremely (unrealistically) high returns.

Quite interestingly Nexus Global seems to be connected to the UK-based Veltyco (read this article on Telegram for more info on Veltyco). At least the Crypto-MLM is invested (and/or plans to invest) in esports.com, a related company to Veltyco Group. Moreover, they invest and/or sell investments in the Veltyco Group’s core business – sports bets, binary options, and crypto-casinos.

From what we learned it may well be that Nexus Global is also engaged with another Veltyco Group venture – 8Crypto.com, a company allegedly focused on cryptographic payment system located in Sofia.
[pms-restrict message=’The full article is available to members only. Please login or register now.’] esports.com is a project driven by the German youngster Benjamin FÖCKERSBERGER and is part of the UK-based Veltyco Group. Back in 2017 esports.com did an ICO and raised some USD 5 million which was far away from the raising target of USD 25 million. Shortly after the ICO, the company moved to Sofia, where the Veltyco Group has its development center.

Cointed finished its ICO with the end of February 2018 and raised some USD 4 million which, too, is far off the goal of USD 120 million. Hence, both ICOs must be regarded failures and Nexus Global is invested or plans to invest (?) in these failed ICOs.

It is not clear yet in what way Nexus Global is involved with Optioment. It may well be that they were involved in this fraudulent investment scheme but we don’t have any evidence and/or information at the time of writing.

The people behind Nexus Global are obviously experienced MLM artists and have already launched other Crypto-MLM’s such as Krypto-Gold before. Even though we made some investigations we have not been able to verify that these are real people. It seems that the Global Nexus project works with fake IDs without a registered company and a company address.

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