Breaking: The Collapse of REAL-TOK Crypto Real Estate Scheme Started!

REAL-TOK crypto scheme with the blessing of the church
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Investors in the real estate token REAL-TOK are facing the expected nightmare scenario. Initially offered at €1 during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), REAL-TOK, symbolized as RLTO saw its listing on the Lithuanian crypto exchange P2B in early December 2023. By February 18, its price had climbed to around USDT 1.6 (€1.47). However, a rude awakening awaited investors on February 19 when the price plummeted, losing more than 95% of its value. Is this the beginning of the end?

REAL-TOK mastermind Peter Kilian

REAL-TOK, launched by real estate schemers Peter Kilian, Thomas Wagenhofer, and their associates in Vienna, was touted as the future of real estate investment. The ICO aimed to raise up to €1.2 billion, with projections of a tenfold increase in value by the end of 2024.

Behind the REAL-TOK project is the Vienna-registered REALTO Group, a real estate developer who worked closely with the Klosterneuburg monastery. The managing director and shareholder is Lukas Koch-Hochmuth, also the REAL-TOK scheme’s Chief Operating Officer. The REALTO Group in Vienna is again majority-owned by REALTO Investment KFT in Hungary, owned by Peter Kilian and Thomas Wagenhofer. Kilian is listed on the website of the REAL-TOK project as Chief Strategy Officer.

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FinTelegram has consistently issued warnings about REAL-TOK (website). Given our knowledge of the individuals involved, REAL-TOK was always perceived as a scam and has been on our Black Compliance List.

The chart of the collapsing REAL-TOK crypto token

Since its December 2023 listing on the Lithuanian crypto exchange P2B, the token’s price was systematically manipulated to just under €1.6. This manipulation was evident to anyone who examined the structure of supply and demand, where a minimal trading volume was used to simulate a 60% price increase. Investors were initially elated with their paper profits. However, the bubble burst when an attempt was made to realize actual gains by selling REAL-TOK, leading to a near 95% crash to USDT 0.086, which continued to plummet to 0.066 at the time of this article’s publication.

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REAL-TOK crypto real estate scheme and its individuals and legal entities

REAL-TOK has never been more than a malicious crypto scheme characterized by manipulation and violations of various financial laws. Aware of this, its operators established a shell company in Georgia, REAL-TOK LLC.

The question now is whether the price will be artificially inflated again. At some point, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) should take a closer look at REAL-TOK. As we have mentioned before, according to standard criteria such as the US Howey Test, REAL-TOK is clearly a security token, which should have required a capital market prospectus for its issuance. Furthermore, P2B should not have been allowed to list a security token for trading, a stance already supported by decisions from financial regulators.

The recent collapse of REAL-TOK has laid bare the obvious manipulation of its token price. Perhaps it’s time for REAL-TOK investors to question how their investments were actually used.

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