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As already reported, the Cantonal Court of Zug, by decision of 14 November 2018, dissolved ENVION AG, based in Baar, and ordered liquidation in accordance with Swiss bankruptcy regulations. Now the bankruptcy court is seeking support to wind up the liquidation of ENVION AG with 30,000 ICO investors – who in our opinion should be regarded as creditors of the company.

The handling of bankruptcy proceedings with this high number of possible creditors far exceeds the capacity of the Zug Bankruptcy Office. This also corresponds to the oral information that FinTelegram was able to learn in an interview with the Bankruptcy Office on Wednesday of this week.

Therefore, the Bankruptcy Office Zug called in the law firm Wenger Plattner Rechtsanwälte from Zurich as a so-called auxiliary entity for the handling of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Current information for all parties involved can be found on the website www.envion-konkurs.ch, which will be online from Friday, 7 December 2018, 11.00 a.m. onwards. The forms for filing the claims are also available in German and English.

In this regard, we also refer you to our EFRI initiative if you need assistance in handling the filing of claim.

We will continue to report and guide EVN Token owners through the liquidation process with relevant information.

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