Cease and Desist Orders against two unauthorized German-Ukrainian Payment Processors

BaFin against illegal payment processors
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In the last few days, BaFin has issued Cease and Desist Orders against two further unauthorized payment processors:

Both companies accepted funds from private persons on their own accounts on behalf of other businesses and transferred these funds to mainly foreign accounts of private persons based abroad. Both companies have stated IT services and software as their corporate purpose.

As with most other illegal German payment processors, Tills Web GmbH and Rasterdesch GmbH have non-EU citizens registered as managing directors. In this case the Ukrainians Oleksii Zolotarenko (see company register data) and Liubomyr Sviderskyi (see company register data). These people are usually hard to find for the German authorities.

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In case you have paid to the above mentioned companies and/or have information about other illegal payment processors we would be happy to receive your information via our whistleblower system.

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