Cointed Investigation: Crypto Unity OG Website Offline & Christopher RIEDER Gone

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It’s getting Darker for Investors

The case around the Cointed Group and its promoters Christopher RIEDER, Charli AHO and Wolfgang THALER develops into a thriller. Not only because of RIEDER’s alleged involvement in the Optioment case (read here) but also because big questions around its mining business and its mining investment scheme. Investors invested many millions in Cointed’s mining business under an investment scheme that has been implemented by Crypto Unity OG.

Cointed Team
The Cointed GmbH team without Christopher RIEDER

We learned that the website of the Vienna-based Crypto Unity OG (www.cryptounity.at) was taken offline recently. Crypto Unity OG is playing a crucial part in the Cointed case, a fact which is not really known to the public. Moreover, we recognized that Christopher RIEDER ist no longer shown as part of the team on Cointed’s websites in Austria and Hongkong.

In its ICO Whitepaper Version 1.0 published 18./19. October 2017, Cointed listed Crypto Unity OG as its “Green Mining” subsidiary, This was definitely a false statement to potential investors as Crypto Unity OG NEVER was a legal subsidiary of Cointed GmbH. Obviously Cointed wanted investors to believe that Cointed has been engaged in crypto-mining for quite a while.

Cointed Ltd Hongkong without Wolfgang RIEDER
Cointed Ltd Hongkong without Wolfgang RIEDER

Without having the necessary approval of his co-shareholder D. (he also was the one to seed-finance the Crypto Unity project back in 2016), Charli AHO joined Cointed sometimes in spring or summer or autumn 2017?.  According to D. – he has been trying to get adequate (financial and operative) information on the status of the Crypto Unity OG for months already – never he nor the people who bought mining hardware in 2017 –  via dealing with Charlie AHO –  can know for sure, what company was represented by Charlie AHO in selling mining hardware resp. offering hosting services.

According to D. – based on the little information, he was provided with by Charlie AHO –  lots of investors have invested mining hardware in Crypto Unity OG (?), many of them were mediated by Wachsende Werte, an Austrian financial services company. With the website vanished these days those investors are left in the dark about the future of the company and Crypto Unity OG mining business.

The Facts around Cointed’s Green Mining Business

Cointed, Crypto Unity OG, and Wolfgang RIEDER and Charli AHO
Cointed GmbH and Crypto Unity OG situation early 2017


If Cointed GmbH and Crypto Unity OG had a partnership in 2017 it is unclear, what exactly the purpose of this partnership was.

Up until today, Crypto Unity OG, a company which was set up with the definite purpose of hosting mining services is owned by Charli AHO (50% and the founding investor (50%) – see company information. Hence potential investors have been publicly mislead in the Cointed ICO.

When D. (seed investor of Crypto Unity OG) realized in October 2017 that Crypto Unity OG evidently is part of the Cointed ICO (by reading the Cointed White paper Version 1.0), he got in contact with the lawyer of Cointed and Charli AHO and urged him to take care that Crypto Unity OG is taken out of the Cointed Whitepaper 1.0. Hence, in the updated version 1.0  (! no mistake, Coined used to update its Whitepaper, without changing the number) of the Whitepaper published mid of November 2017, Crypto Unity OG  – being the pretended green mining subsidiary –  disappeared.   In version 2.0 of the Whitepaper, published beginning December 2017  (only few days before the transparency report was issued)  the originally Crypto Unity OG was replaced  – all of the sudden – with the Swiss Crypto Group AG as the Cointed mining subsidiary. So according to Version 2.0   the Crypto Unity OG business has been transferred silently (and illegally) into this Switzerland-based company. Swiss Crypto Group AG was set up by Charlie AHO and Daniil ORLOV in June 2017. In September 2017 the Swiss authorities told Daniel Zimmermann – the Verwaltungsrat – that in case no legitimate domicile is registered for the Company, the Swiss Crypto Group AG will be vanished. As of November 29, 2017 a new domicile for Swiss Crypto Group AG was registered. All this does not sound as if the Swiss Crypto Group was an operative company in 2017.

…. by the way up to today Crypto Unity OG has not filed the financial statements for 2016 with the Austrian Commercial register nor with the Austrian tax authorities. D. (the seed Investor) was not able to get information on any accounting done in 2017 for Crypto Unity OG.

Questions: In its Transparency Report, Cointed reports that some EUR 12 Million were invested in Cointed’s and/or Crypto Unity OG’s mining business. Where does the money come from? Who are the financial services partners and investors? (Stay tuned.. we are working on this topic..)

The Transparency Report missed some crucial points

It’s more than strange that the experts from 21 Group have “forgotten” to mention (or check) these important factors around the Crypto Unity OG and the mining business in the “Cointed transparency Report” issued as of 11 December 2017. Up until December 2017, the Swiss Crypto Group Up had not developed any business activities (more details soon). So what legal entity was in charge of the green mining until then? We guess that he obvious answer is given in Cointed’s first ICO Whitepaper – in Crypto Unity OG. But hold on, … aren´t there rules to be adhered to in transferring business from one legal entity to another…

Crypto Unity OG is not even mentioned in the Transparency report. From our point of view the “Transparency Report” does not deserve this title, it’s more of a “Calmation Report” to calm down existing minging-investors as well as potential ICO investors.

Actually, the role of the financial services providers around Crypto Unity OG and Cointed such as Wachsende Werte and 21 Group has to be questioned thoroughly.

The Cointed investigation will be continued, a big thank you to all whistleblowers! Please continue to deliver your information to enable a comprehensive investigation. All findings will be shared with the respective authorities and lawyers.


  1. Albert Kuner says:

    I read the transparence report now from Cointed. That’s a joke. The important parts of information are either blackened or in the attrachments that are not attached. There is no valuable information incluced. No Ethereum address for the mining revenues and no information about the mining centers. Those guys are scammers and its hard to believe that Deliotte or even a local 21 Group have approved this “transparency report”.

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