COINTED -OPTIOMENT Case – A Pilot Project For Crime Visualization

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FinTelegram has investigated and reported many cases and schemes in the online investment area since its inception early 2018. COINTED – OPTIOMENT is just one of them. Thanks to many supporters, we have conquered our place in the realm of international investigative media scene within just a few months. This is an inspiration to further our development. In this respect, we are currently working intensively on expanding our network. This also includes other investigative projects such as OpenCorporate or the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

The Cybercrime Complexity

By connecting to the OCCRP, we have also gained access to the visualization tool for investigative journalists which is in beta. With this tool, we are currently testing the visualization of cybercrime project. We started with the project COINTEDOPTIOMENT which is currently under investigation of public prosecutor’s offices in Austria and Switzerland. This is only a very first [beta] approach, which we also use to visually present the complex relationships between the many companies and people in different countries to our readers. In the COINTED – OPTIOMENT case, we are currently working on a criminal complaint about the investigating authorities and are using the new interactive visualization tool:

The problem with cybercrime schemes in general and cryptocrime schemes, in particular, is their often multi-jurisdictional nature. As in the case of COINTED – OPTIOMENT, many companies in various countries are integrated using cryptocurrencies. The mapping of these schemes requires a lot of detail work, know-how and time. In the case of COINTED – OPTIOMENT around Christopher RIEDER, Wolfgang THALER, Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, and Eduard ORLOFF we found companies in more than 10 jurisdictions.


As always, we are grateful for feedback and hints. We will share this information with the investigating authorities and use it to get money back for investors from the actors. Please inform us directly about our EFRI campaign for COINTED – OPTIOMENT and register your claims:

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