Cyprus PayTech Praxis Announced New Features

Praxis Chashier of Amit Klatchko blacklisted
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The Cyprus-based PayTech Praxis Tech Ltd of Amit Klatchko announced new and improved features to its product offering with enhanced verification and bulk action features. The new features include a bulk action feature, an improved verification feature, multiple selections of customer profiles, and new currencies and countries added to the Praxis dashboard. Praxis also added new currencies and countries to the dashboard.

The verification feature lets merchants be informed of transactions that need to be ‘verified’ and managed with the correct information regarding a specific transaction. This ensures no discrepancies between the CRM, PSP, and the Praxis dashboard. This feature acts as a safety net to keep track of all mismatched transactions. The gateway setup on the Praxis Back Office allows merchants to have full control over where, when and how payments are taken through each payment solution gateway.

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