Daily Affiliate Warning – Boring fraud campaign BitQT promotes Fortexo broker scam

Broker scam Fortexo promoted by fraudulent BtiQT campaign
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Today, the many spam emails lead us to once again the now well-known fake article that announces the next big startup after Google and Facebook and is supposed to make me rich in 7 days. The article is presented on LPONLINE (www.topontechbiz.com). In the article once again (still?) BitQT is promoted. Clicking again takes you to the fraudulent BitQT campaign on Amazing Offers (www.amazingoffers.online). Upon registering today, it goes to the broker scam Fortexo (www.fortexo.co). Surprise, surprise!

The Fortexo scam is a typical white-label scam allegedly operated by FLAB GROUP LTD, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Behind the BoxiPay cashier, this broker scam once again integrates the two scam-facilitating payment processors NeoBanQ and PayCent.

Please don’t fall for these fraudulent marketing campaigns and the scams they promote. These are so poorly made that my dog could recognize them.

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