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Posts published in “Illegal Broker Activities”

Most Wanted Scam Perpetrators – The Israeli individuals behind StoxMarket, 4Cash, Broker Yard, and other scams

The two Israeli Chaim Elazar Bornstein and Mordechay Litke are the perpetrators behind some of the biggest binary options scams over the last couple of years such as KayaFX, StoxMarket, or Broker Yard. Typically, they acted via trustee companies. The Seychelle citizens Genevieve Magnan or Vanessa Payet acted as directors of Marketier Holdings Ltd or Profitier Ltd respectively.

About FinTech Cowboys – Payvision and Bruc Bond and their Wild West Businesses

The Dutch Payvision and the Israeli-Lithuanian Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International) have in common that they were intensively involved in the fraudulent binary options as payment processors. Let us make no mistake here and therefore make clear that neither of them were scammers or fraudsters themselves. But both have provided services to operators of fraudulent binary options and broker scams and thus facilitated those schemes for their own financial benefit. There have been consequences for both companies in recent days which may or may not be related to their binary options legacy.

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