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Join the Vanguard of Trusted Financial Service Providers on PayRate42

In the rapidly evolving world of cyber finance, where the boundaries of traditional financial regulation blur, our partner, PayRate42, emerges as a trusted rating agency. Payrate42 is not just a benchmark for quality and trust; it’s a beacon guiding merchants and consumers through the dynamic landscape of neobanks, fintechs, paytechs, and crypto service providers. List your business today!

Why PayRate42?

The absence of a global regulatory framework has left the cyberfinance sector vulnerable to fraud, cybercrime, and money laundering. PayRate42 fills this crucial gap by vigilantly monitoring High-Risk Payment Processors (HRPP) and offering a level of oversight that transcends borders. PayRate42 stands as a guardian of integrity, providing transparency and enabling a voice for payment processor clients through listings, ratings, and reviews.

The Compliance Crusade.

In a universe where big names like PayPal, Wise, Revolut, and Coinbase shine, thousands of other payment service providers operate, many in the high-risk space. PayRate42 complements existing regulatory regimes, offering decision-relevant information for selecting the right service provider. With over 1100 financial services providers already reviewed and rated, PayRate42 is a goldmine of compliance information and reliability.

Why & How to Get Listed.

PayRate42 verified profile badge

Financial service providers should be listed and rated on PayRate42. This will also give you a certified profile, including a badge (see left) that you can publish on your website. This creates trust among (potential) customers.

Getting listed on PayRate42 is straightforward and currently free of charge. Whether done by our team or directly via our online form, each listing undergoes a thorough check. A preliminary rating is crafted and agreed upon with the provider before activation, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

Understanding the Ratings.

Payrate42 rating system with traffic lights

Our unique traffic light system categorizes providers into green (low risk), orange (medium risk), red (high risk), and black (scams and illegal providers). Based on compliance criteria and external reviews, the ratings are dynamic and regularly reviewed. They incorporate feedback from customers and partners, creating a comprehensive picture of each provider. For more information, read the PayRate42 Compliance Guide.

Boost Your Business Credibility.

Listing on PayRate42 not only enhances your company’s public profile but also grants you a verified profile badge – “PR42 verified.” This badge, a symbol of trust and reliability, can be displayed on your website, elevating customer confidence.

Get Your Listing Today.

In an era where trust is the currency of choice, PayRate42 offers your business the platform to showcase its commitment to integrity and compliance. List your company now on PayRate42 and join the ranks of the most trusted financial service providers in the cyberfinance world. Your journey towards enhanced visibility and credibility starts here!

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