Illegal Brokers – Don’t blame us boiler room managers, we did not attack German-speaking victims, just the English speaking ones

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Gal Barak is sick, really sick, physically. Pretends his law firm. Therefore, the court hearing in Sofia scheduled for 22 April 2019 was canceled. The issue would have been whether Gal Barak – the so-called Wolf of Sofia and alleged operator of illegal broker scheme – should be extradited from his comfortable house arrest in Sofia to arrest in Austria like any other ordinary suspect in a matter with dozens of millions of euros damage. But he’s sick. Accepted and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Evidently, the out-of-the-blue illness has not prevented Gal Barak from continuing to cheat many thousands of retail investors in the EU out of millions. Just a few days before the scheduled court hearing Gal Barak gave an interview to the Bulgarian bTV. And he didn’t look sick, did he? And there is the project with the new boiler rooms in the Philippines? Gal Barak‘s partner Kfir Levy purportedly is already working on that project we heard from his employees.

To cheat investors big style in the EU Barak used the call centers (boiler rooms) which are managed and controlled by E&G Bulgaria in Sofia. The accusation of the EU victims/police/prosecutors is that Gal Barak has attacked and harmed EU citizens in almost all member states through his illegal boiler rooms.

The Bulgarian TV has among other things brought an interview with the head of the Bulgarian boiler rooms Antoniy Hizhnyak (see his Facebook profile here).

Antoniy Hizhnyak with E&G Bulgaria Antoniy Hizhnyak

This nice looking guy Antoniy Hizhnyak said that no German-speaking victims were attacked from a Bulgarian boiler room with allegedly 300 employees. That may well be true or at least sort of. The Bulgarian boiler rooms have attacked the UK and English-speaking EU victims.

The German-speaking victims, however, were attacked by subsidiaries of E&G Bulgaria in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In this respect, FinTelegram has received confirmations from the local partners. These boiler rooms were also coordinated by Gal Barak and his partner Marina Andreeva from Sofia.

We think this Punch and Judy show about the extradition of Gal Barak should be done. If he is innocent, the competent EU authorities in Austria in close cooperation with the other EU member state’s courts will determine that.

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