Interesting changes! Estonian scam facilitator Any.Money changed its operators!

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From March 2019 to Aug 2020, AnyCach OÜ had a crypto license from the Estonian FIU. This Estonian entity, together with UK-registered Anymoney Ltd, was the operator of the Any.Money platform with Ukrainian Andrii Bruiaka as a director in both companies. In Feb 2021, FinTelegram revealed that Any.Money facilitated broker scams. Sometime after our report, AnyCach OÜ was replaced by UK entity DBR Security Ltd. The Italian entrepreneur and FinTech investor Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is one of the beneficial owners.

Key data

Trading nameAny.Money
BusinessPayment processor
Legal entitiesAnyCach OÜ
Anymoney Ltd
DBR Security Ltd
JurisdictionsEstonia, United Kingdom
Authorizationno longer
Estonian FIU crypto license until Aug 2020
Related individualsAndrii Bruiaka (Ukraine)
Artem Kutsyi (Ukraine)
Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola (Italy)

Short narrative

DBR Security Ltd was established in April 2021 with the registered address in a well-known shell company address in London. Ukrainian Artem Kutsyi was registered as a director and sole shareholder. DBR Security Ltd was subsequently installed as the operator of the payment processor Any.Money. Without regulation or authorization in any regulatory regime. The Ukrainian Andrii Bruiaka is, until this day, the director and beneficial owner of the two entities AndyCach OÜ and Anymoney Ltd, previously acting as Any.Money operators.

Besides Andrii Bruiaka, Italian Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola was also a director in Anymoney Ltd. This Italian is also involved in several other payment processors and is the beneficial owner of the consulting company Astorts Group Ltd and Pietrocola Holdings Ltd.

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In case you have any information about Any.Money, its operators, and facilitators, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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