Investor Alert – JPM Capitals broker scam is part of GlobalSpotFX network!

investor warning against JPM Capitals
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Another day and a few hundred new victims. A victim of broker scam GlobalSpotFX was invited by the boiler room agents to make investments at JPM Capitals (www.jpmcapitals.com). This was to enable him to recoup his previous losses at GlobalSpotFX (a/k/a SpotFinex a/k/a TopEuroFX). The victim recorded the phone numbers and fake names of the various boiler room agents in his detailed protocol. Therefore, he was able to identify the caller from JPM Capitals as an agent of the Albanian boiler room behind GlobalSpotFX. So stay far away from JPM Capitals.

According to the information on JPM Capital‘s website, the broker scam is based in Cyprus. However, this is unlikely to be true. Instead, the boiler rooms are likely to be located in Albania. The payment options offered in the JPM Capital scam are credit card payments via CardPayz (cardpayz.com) and cryptocurrencies via the Venus Exchange (www.venus.exchange). The Boiler Room agents work with Anydesk and thus can access the victims’ wallets.

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The JPM Capitals scam is miserably done and immediately recognizable as such. If you have any information about the operators and the associated boiler rooms, we would be happy if you share it with us.

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