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OmegaPro with Robert Velghe and Mike Kiefer
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FinTelegram just recently reported about the new OMEGAPRO FOREX Trading project of the two MLM and Network Marketing perpetrators Robert VELGHE (Austria) and Mike KIEFER (Germany). In 2017, the two have attracted attention through their MLM projects in the crypto sector. While the German Mike KIEFER performed with USI TECH, one of the world’s biggest MLM scams, the Austrian Robert VELGHE launched OMNIA TECH where he retired at the end of 2018. Now they have started the new project OMEGAPRO, which looks very much like a new version of the USI TECH scam.

The Valens Bank

Each MLM or HYIP requires a unique selling point. The MLM people love to talk in superlatives. The alleged distinctiveness of OMEGAPRO (www.omegapro.world) would be that the money of its members would be backed by Valens Bank Ltd. Valens Bank purports to be the world’s first fully regulated bank to issue its own cryptocurrency. The respective Valens Coins are issued through a company called Valens Crypto Investments Ltd.

The activities of the Valens group of companies are purportedly managed by the Valens Holding AG registered in Germany. This Valens Holding AG has its registered office in Frankfurt am Main at Zeppelinallee 21 in the law firm Landgraf Schneider Rechtsanwaelte. A mailbox address. The beneficial owner and artist behind all these Valens constructions allegedly is the British citizen James HOLMES. Although he is registered as a director in 70 companies in the UK alone, there is no further information or even a curriculum vitae known. He seems to have an interesting past with the UK stock markets but all online sources have been deleted. We found some traces here in Daily Records. Valens Holding AG reduced its share capital from EUR 10 million to EUR 50,000 in December 2018. This is a rather unusual procedure for the sole shareholder of a fully regulated bank.

Below are the companies in the Valens Bank and James HOLMES environment:

Omegapro Valens Bank and James Holmes

What is certain, however, is that Valens Bank Ltd is not a fully regulated bank licensed in Europe. The alleged banking license may have been obtained in the offshore paradise of Anjouan in the Indian Ocean and is worth nothing. Neither in Europe nor in North America or Asia. Consequently, the alleged investment certificates are worth nothing either. That’s just fairy dust blown into the face by naive investors. We have therefore submitted a corresponding notification to the German and Austrian financial market supervisory authorities BaFin and FMA respectively. The sale of financial products such as FOREX or crypto trading under the pretense of an existing bank and broker license certainly fulfills both regulatory and criminal law requirements.

The Usual Suspects

In addition to the two MLM and network marketing perpetrators Robert VELGHE and Mike KIEFER, the Indian Dilawar SINGH will also be there again. He lives in Hamburg, Germany, and has been working with Robert VELGHE for many years.

On Facebook, the OMEGAPRO Facebook Group is operated under the fake ID Dmitrii SAVELEV. There he proudly presents his certificate of the Valens Bank. Imagine: a fully regulated bank issues an investor certificate for a fake ID. Even the most naïve investors should be aware that Valens Bank is a fake.

Report Activities And People

In case you have information on OmegaPro activities and/or its people we would be more than happy to receive them. Please use our whistleblower system to share your information with the FinTelegram team in the very best interest of investors protection.

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    1. Redakteur says:

      Thank you for sharing the link with “Valens Bank” even though we are not sure what you want to prove with that. We regard Valens Bank and OmegaPro as scams and hence one scam providing certificates for another scam makes it even a super scam. But given the proven sales power of Robert Velghe and Mike Kiefer, we are pretty sure that the super scam will again find thousands of naive people.

  1. Cazaponzis says:

    scam. robert its a farsant, people please dont follow this kind of „busines“, they dont care about who stole their money

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