iPayTotal Case – Who is Jason Smith?

Who is iPayTotal manager Jason Smith
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The iPayTotal Ltd entity in the UK is insolvent and being wound up. We have reported on this, and these reports are widely read and widely shared. The high-risk processor, which is controversial in the scene, has received catastrophic ratings on rating platforms like Reviews in recent and weeks from apparently dissatisfied merchants who are not getting their money. They also refer to the alleged fake officer Jason Smith, who is mentioned in many positive PR reports. We would like to know more about Jason Smith and whether he is a real person.

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It is claimed in reviews and by whistleblowers that Jason Smith is not a real person. In this respect, the agreements and statements he signed would be worthless. In fact, we have not been able to identify any Jason Smith in our research.

We have found Sen Kugan, Ruchi Rathor, Davina Mongroo, Keith Angel, Aditya Williams, and Oluwale Bamidale. Likewise, we have found a Madhumita Singh but no Jason Smith. No, Sir!

It is a fact that high-risk payment processors like iPayTotal are in the gray and black areas of the cyber economy and have corresponding approaches. Therefore, complaints can occur and, given the threatening environment of gambling or porn site operators as well as scammers and money launderers, the use of fake persons is understandable.

We would be interested in information about this person to add to our file on iPayTotal.

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