N26 Announces Introduction of Cryptocurrency Trading Service for French Market!

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N26, the Berlin-based digital banking platform, has officially announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading feature, N26 Crypto, targeting its customer base in France. This development signifies N26‘s effort to enhance the digital banking experience by incorporating the capability for clients to directly engage with cryptocurrency assets through the N26 application. The service is designed to facilitate the trading of over 200 cryptocurrencies in a manner that is both secure and efficient.

Integrating Cryptocurrency Trading with Digital Banking

N26 Crypto is positioned as a key component of N26’s broader strategy to provide a comprehensive financial management solution that addresses the preferences and requirements of its clientele in an increasingly digital market environment. Customers residing in France who possess an N26 account with either a French or German IBAN are eligible to use the N26 Crypto service. This service is accessible across all N26 membership tiers, including free accounts, ensuring that all users have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies without facing additional charges.

The introduction of N26 Crypto underscores N26’s commitment to principles of transparency, simplicity, and security. The platform allows customers to have a detailed view of their cryptocurrency portfolio through a dedicated section within the application, reaffirming N26‘s adherence to regulatory standards and legal requirements within the crypto sector.

Access to N26 Crypto is contingent upon completing a straightforward identity verification process. Verified customers can then access the Trading section located within the new Finances tab of the application, allowing them to commence trading activities and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. N26 is dedicated to providing users with relevant information and cautionary advice to navigate the potential risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.

Strategic Partnership with Bitpanda

The launch of N26 Crypto is facilitated through a collaboration with the Austrian crypto exchange Bitpanda, which is responsible for the execution of trades and the custody of cryptocurrency assets. This partnership ensures a reliable and secure trading experience for N26 customers.

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