Polish-Lithuanian Epayblock again exposed as a scam-facilitating payment processor

Lithuanian Epayblock and its scam-facilitating clients
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Time and again! Recently, brought a Request 4 Information (R4I) regarding the regulated Lithuanian e-Money Institution Epayblock. This payment processor has been exposed as a partner of illegal payment processors such as Skylas, Merelita, Ristema, or BDIKA, which are involved in broker scams. These companies launder money through their bank accounts at Epayblock. Today, we discovered the Hungarian Dot Systems KFT, another illegal payment processor being a client of Epayblock.

As reported by FinTelegram, we have discovered Dot Systems as a payment facilitator in the InvestBoost broker scam.

Recently, two top officers resigned from their posts with Epayblock (read this report here). While the Polish citizen Maciej Kazmierczyk (LinkedIn) continues to be the company’s CEO, the COO, Roman Mazur (LinkedIn), and CTO Krzysztof Kuchta (LinkedIn) had left Epayblock. In the meantime, the two have also entered this in their LinkedIn profiles. The two former officers contacted FinTelegram and made a point of saying they no longer had anything to do with Epayblock’s business and distanced themselves from it.

Epayblock is an e-Money institution regulated by the Bank of Lithuania with authorization code LB001911.

IIf you have any information about Epayblock or their customers, we would appreciate it if you could share it with us.


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