R4I – Secretive scam-facilitating payment processor Paystruct

Request 4 Information Paystruct payment processor
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In recent weeks, Paystruct (www.paystruct.com) has appeared more and more frequently as a payment processor in our analysis of scam brokers. Like many of the high-risk payment processors, Paystruct discloses very little information on its website. There is no indication of the legal entity and individuals behind it. Contact can be made by email or phone with a number in London. Also, there is no additional information on the merchant dashboard except that Paystruct is supposed to be the world’s best closed-loop token payment system with payouts under 24 hours.

We last found the secretive high-risk payment processor Paystruct on Stocklux, StockCore, Crystal Ball Markets, Sky Capital, or AccepTrade as a facilitator and would therefore like to know more. Do you have any information about Paystruct’s operators? Do you know the companies and people behind it? Do you have experience as a customer? We would be grateful if you share this information with us.

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