Really? Payomatix Founder Ruchi Rathor Launched The RaiseMoney Initiative!

Ruchi Rathor and the high-risk payment schemes of her clan
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High-risk processor Payomatix is one of the many payment ventures of the notorious British-Indian Ruchi Rathor, the mastermind behind the collapsed payment scheme iPayTotal scheme. Just recently, Rathor launched the RaiseMoney initiative, an online community assisting entrepreneurs and investors in their early-stage financing. The legal entity behind this new scheme is Payomatix Technologies Pvt Limited, a company black-rated on PayRate42. We advise merchants and investors to be super-cautious!

RaiseMoney is a platform designed for startups to connect with the right investors in one click. We offer a simple and easy user interface to find an investor that’s compatible with your business, pitch them with ready-to-use templates and start building a partnership. Together we can make you more successful!

Ruchi Rathor, founder

Key Data

Trading nameRaiseMoney
Raise Money
Related schemesPayomatix, CryptoMatix, BitMatix,
Kryptova, PayStudio, iPayTotal
Business activitiesHigh-risk payment processor
Social mediaLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Legal entitiesPayomatix Technologies Pvt Ltd
Related individualsRuchi Rathor, India (LinkedIn)
Yuvraj Singh, India
Anurag Pratap Singh, India
Anirudh Pratap Singh Rathor, India
Chhavi Mishra, India
Aditya Williams, India
PayRate42 ratingBlack (PayRate42 profile)

Short Narrative

High-risk payment veteran and clan boss Ruchi Rathor

Ruchi Rathor bills herself to the public as a visionary in the payment sector and recently also as a personal wealth guru. Most recently, she published the guides “How to become the first millionaire in your family“. It contains meaningless phrases like “You attract what you think,” “Your past is not your future,” or “You must give up something to get something.” And of course you have to follow Ruchi Rathor. Then you are guaranteed to become a millionaire.

In fact, Rathor is the head of a clan that runs a series of high-risk payment processors through legal entities in India and Europe that are notorious for ripping off their merchants. In the next generation, her son-in-law Yuvrai Singh is expected to take over the leadership of this Rathor clan. We constantly receive complaints from merchants, business partners and employees of this clan.

iPayTotal insolvency report with missing assets and millions

This Rathor clan has been notorious at least since the collapse of iPayTotal, a high-risk payment scheme that was run through various entities in different jurisdictions. The UK entity was forced into insolvency by court order. The liquidation is still ongoing today and millions in funds are missing. At the time of the liquidators’ last report in January 2022, there were no assets and creditors had filed around GBP 1.1 million in claims. However, due to the nature of their business, many customers are unable to make claims, so we assume a multiple of this GBP 1.1 million has disappeared from iPayTotal.

Since then, the Rathor Clan has largely withdrawn from the UK and is officially operating in India. However, Bitmatix IO Ltd d/b/a Bitmatix (www.bitmatix.io) headed by Rathor’s son in law Yuvrai Singh is still registered in UK.

In this respect, it is very bold of Ruchi Rathor to now present themselves internationally with their RaiseMoney initiative to investors and startups.

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