R4I – The AKCE Group, European Merchant Bank, and OpenPayd Group

Ozan Ozerk and the Akce Group
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The FinTech entrepreneur Ozan Ozerk was born in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus. He moved to Norway. His father is a professor at the University of Oslo’s Department of Education, and his mother is a senior advisor at an institution specializing in children with learning disabilities. Ozerk is the beneficial owner of the Akce Group and runs a number of regulated and unregulated FinTechs in Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, and the UK. We would like to know more about Akce Group, OpenPayd Group, and its network.

The FinTech Buddies

The Cypriot Ozan Ozerk is the beneficial owner of the FCA-registered e-Money Institution (EMI) Ozan Limited and the Akce Group in Malta. Ozerk founded and managed TechToPay Limited and SettleGo Solutions Limited, which are also FCA-registered. Over the last couple of years, he has been managing his FinTech empire together with the Cypriot Ekmel Cilingir and the Bulgarian Iana Dimitrova.

The Bulgarian Iana Dimitrova is a busy FinTech manager. She is CEO of Akce Group and a director in the two FCA regulated financial institutions SettleGro Solutions Limited d/b/a OpenPayd (PSC Ozan Ozerk) and Ozan Limited (PSC Ozan Ozerk).

The Lithuanian Bank

Akce Holding Malta in the companies register

In December 2018, the European Merchant Bank UAB, founded by Akce Holding Malta Ltd in Lithuania, has received a so-called specialized bank license from the Bank of Lithuania. According to a press release of the Bank of Lithuania and a public statement of the involved law firm Sorainen, Akce Holding Malta is the controlling company of both the Lithuanian European Merchant Bank and the FCA-registered Ozan Group. The latter is part of the OpenPayd Group, another FCA-listed EMI. Complicated, isn’t it?

Find all companies belonging to the OpenPayd Group here.

Akce Holding

Ozan Ozerk with Akce Group and PSPTech Cyprus

According to the records of the Maltese Companies Register, the controlling company of Akce Holding Malta Ltd is Three Commas Ltd, registered in the British Virgin Islands, and PSPTech Cyprus Limited, registered in Cyprus, is holding a single share. The Turkish Ekmel Cilingir and the British Olivia Alexandra Taylor are registered as directors. PSPTECH Cyprus has a branch office in London and, according to the records of UK Companies House, is also attributed to Ozan Ozerk, whose address is The Shard in London.

Until recently, Ozan Limited, Akce Intellectual Limited, The Giftbull UK Limited, Instra Limited, TechToPay Limited, and SettleGo Solutions Limited were also registered at this address. In the last few months, however, one company has moved away from The Shard and settled at The Bower in Old Street in London.

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It is indeed remarkable that Ozan Ozerk and his team control several regulated financial institutions in Europe operating under different brands and strategies. We would be interested in the strategy behind this.

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