Review: Crypto Casino Gamdom And Involved Payment Facilitators!

Gamdom and its payment facilitators
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We continue our reviews of the high-risk segment of online casinos and gambling providers and their payment facilitators with the crypto casino Gamdom. This is operated by Curacao licensed Smein Hosting B.V. and also offers its products to customers in EEA jurisdictions. Gamdom has issued its own cryptocurrency, Gamdom Coins, which is traded on the Binance BNB Chain and can be purchased via PayOp with credit/debit card. Here is our review.

Gamdom Key Data

Trading nameGamdom
Business activityOnline casino, gambling,
sports betting
Legal entitySmein Hosting B.V.
Vilnius IT Solutions UAB
JurisdictionCuracao, Lithuania
AuthorizationOffshore license in Curacao
Payment optionsCrypto, Credit/debit card,
bank wire, gift cards,
Payment facilitatorsBitInvestor (https://bitinvestor.net)
PayOp (https://paydom.com)
Payment agentVilnius IT Solutions UAB (website)

Gamdom Narrative

Although Smein Hosting does not have a license in the EEA states, it was possible in our reviews to register as a resident of various EEA states and make direct deposits via crypto and gift cards and indirect deposits via credit/debit card and bank transfer. Indirect deposit means, that the players have to buy cryptocurrencies via connected payment processors, which are then deposited to the player’s Gamedom wallet.

Vilnius IT Solutions UAB, registered in Lithuania as a online marketing company, acts as payment agent for Gamdom.

Gamdoin Coins And Payment Processors

PayOp and PayDo are payment facilitators of the offshore crypto casino Gamdom

Gamdom is a crypto casino. Players can only deposit in cryptocurrencies. However, connected payment processors and facilitators can first purchase cryptocurrencies, including the Gamdom Coin traded on the BNB Chain, via credit/debit card or bank transfer, which are then automatically transferred to the player’s Gamdom Wallet. Of course, players pay remarkable fees for this.

We found that BitInestor and PayOp act as payment facilitators via which Gamdom players can buy cryptocurrencies via Bitinvestor by bank transfer and credit/debit card. The cryptocurrencies are then transferred directly to Gamdom. Bitinvestor ApS d/b/a Bitinvestor is under supervision by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and registered with Fintrac Canada as a Money Service Business (MSB).

As with the other online casinos and gambling providers, the trend towards open banking and crypto is also clearly recognizable at Gamdom in the area of deposits.

Gamdom and its payment options with PayOp and Bitinvestor

Compliance & Chargeback Check

The Gamdom operator Smein Hosting has a license in Curarcao, but this does not automatically entitle the license holder to offer their online casinos & games of chance in other regulatory regimes. At least not in the UK, but also not in most regulatory regimes in the EEA. However, it was no problem for us to register and deposit as players residing in various EEA jurisdictions.

Other operators of online casino & gambling platforms such as Versus Odds B.V. comply with the regulatory requirements and block the IP address for players from these jurisdictions.

Another problem with Gamdom is chargeback. Since players only deposit in cryptocurrencies that they acquire in advance from or via the connected payment processors during indirect deposits, a chargeback is difficult or impossible to enforce. For example, if they buy Gamdom Coins via PayOp, they receive them (and then gamble them away on Gamdom).

Crypto casinos are another super-high-risk project within the high-risk segment.

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