Revolut’s Valuation Sees Significant Uplift According to Schroders Investment Trust

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UK-based fintech unicorn Revolut has reportedly experienced a notable 45% increase in its valuation over the past year, according to an investor update from an investment trust managed by Schroders. As reported by Bloomberg, this adjustment raises the fintech’s valuation to an impressive $25.7 billion, up from $17.7 billion the previous year. This current valuation, however, still trails behind the peak $33 billion mark achieved in 2021.

The investment trust under Schroders escalated its investment in Revolut, enhancing its stake from approximately £5.44 million ($6.75 million) at the end of the previous year to £7.88 million ($9.75 million) by December 31.

Schroders credits Revolut‘s “solid progress” over the last year as a key driver of its reassessed stake, highlighting the company’s aggressive international expansion and enhancement of its services. These developments come in the wake of a significant markdown last year by Molten Ventures, which slashed its valuation of Revolut by 40%.

Revolut has recently ventured into telecommunications, offering eSIMs and global data plans that cater to British customers, aiming to avoid unexpected roaming charges. Tara Massoudi, General Manager of Premium Products at Revolut, emphasized the move as part of Revolut’s broader ambition to become a financial super app.

This update from Schroders not only reflects confidence in Revolut’s strategic direction and operational improvements but also underscores the evolving nature of FinTech valuations amid fluctuating market conditions and regulatory landscapes.

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