The Big Binary Options Rip-Off

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Explaining the binary options rip-off

It’s a rather disgusting and disturbing documentation about how binary options artists defrauded retail investors. We suggest listening to Austin Smith, a former binary options perpetrator who founded Wealth Recovery International (WRI). You can hear his comments from minute 15.00 of the video footage.

As a matter of fact, this very same Austin Smith pleads guilty to the charges of binary options fraud. But not so much because he cheated retail investors in the first place while he worked for BinaryBook and Numaris. The U.S. authorities considered him guilty beyond reasonable doubt because he tricked the very same (already defrauded) retail investors with his WRI pretending that he is a good guy (i.e. not disclosing them that he actually cheated them). For this WRI charged another 30% commission.

Austin Smith and Wealth Recovery International pleaded guilty.

While desperate investors have lost all their money, Austin Smith states that he earns 15,000 a month with his WRI, three times as much as he earned as binary options sales guy cheating those very same retail investors.

Austin Smith, BinaryBook, and Wealth Recovery
Austin Smith earned a living with BinaryBook, Numaris and Wealth Recovery International

Some of these desperate investors have committed suicide while these scammers live a life of luxury. That’s disturbing, isn’t it? The U.S. authorities seem to see it the same way and are taking consistent action against these people.

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