The Ukraine Proxy War And The Restricted Damage Game Of The U.S.

Russian broker Quotex attacks European consumers
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Europe is in deep strategic trouble. Neither can it find peace with the U.S. as a partner, nor lasting prosperity without Russian resources and the Chinese market. This is the analysis of Ulrike Guérot and Hauke Ritz in their new book Endspiel Europa (Endgame Europe). According to them, the Russian-Ukrainian war would be a long-prepared American proxy war to secure the consolidation of American dominance in Europe through a policy of restricted damage. It is a perfect analysis and most likely the truth.

The goal of this proxy war and the restricted damage game would be to force Europe to cut off from its economic lifelines in the East with controlled but deliberate economic damage. However, Europe is not to emancipate itself from the U.S.

According to the authors, the struggling superpower has chosen this destructive strategy to maintain its own power in its fight for global dominance against China, Russia, and Europe.

In the authors’ view, Ukraine was given the role of starting a war with Russia on behalf of the West, which was then to be supported militarily and logistically by NATO member states without directly involving the alliance as a whole in the war. Economic warfare via the Sankions was also reportedly long-prepared.

Information warfare via anti-Russian propaganda is an accompanying measure. Russia was to be weakened to such an extent that it would lose its balance, and internal conflicts would lead to the government’s fall.

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