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NEXUS GLOBAL – Meet the Usual Suspects

FinTelegram’s first report on NEXUS GLOBAL‘s crypto-MLM scheme and the network of people behind it was published in March 2018 already. Since then FinTelegram reported in detail about the scheme’s unfolding (see our reports here). Consequently, individual members of our team have received threats and personal defamations. The people around Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, Michael THOMALE, Uwe LENHOFF and Joachim KALCHER reacted very directly, quickly and without any criminal liability.

Thankfully, we received insider information from former business partners of Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, including documentation from the past. Before launching “his” NEXUS GLOBAL scheme, SCHEIBENER was CEO of the crypto-MLM scheme OMNIA TECH (see our reports here) and apparently acquired the necessary crypto-MLM skills of Robert VELGHE.

Crooks and Con Artists at Work?

Meanwhile, other sites like GoMoPa and the notorious :Gerlach Report have taken over the torch from FinTelegram and started their own research (see Gerlach-Reports here and GoMoPa-Report here). The two research sites apparently have had the people mentioned above on their radar screens for years. According to :Gerlach Report

  • the NEXUS GLOBAL project was actually born during a visit to a brothel in Berlin;
  • the German diplomat Stephan WELK has obtained a new passport for Michael THOMALE as he did for OneCoin founder Ruja IGNATOVA;
  • WELK allegedly was the mastermind with the collapsed crypto-scheme OPTIOMENT around Christopher RIEDER and COINTED;
  • WELK puportedly was deeply involved into money laundering activities around the crypto-MLM scheme OneCoin in a joint effort with Moritz HUNZINGER.

Currently, we can’t verify this information but we work on that already. However, we can confirm that many past scams and collapsed MLM systems are connected with the people behind the NEXUS GLOBAL crypto-scheme. The Gerlach Report labels SCHEIBENER, THOMALE, and WELK as “crooks” and “con artists”. Additionally, Stephan WELK is denounced as impostor and professional criminal:

:gerlachreport will be reporting on this new fraud system (note: NEXUS GLOBAL), which operates worldwide. Already now we issue an urgent warning and advice against a participation. The total loss is guaranteed with these gentlemen. So that the astonished multi-level community gets a real taste for it, the three crooks have already stirred the advertising drum for a start.

Stephan Welk is, to sum up, a professional criminal: he is up to his ears in organized gangs. You need it because it provides new passports, new identities for a lot of money. Its customers include traffickers, drug couriers, blood diamond dealers, millionaire fraudsters, money launderers, pimps.

The Involvement of VELTYCO

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However, the German crypto-network is not complete with WELK, SCHEIBENER, and THOMALA. We at FinTelegram can confirm that the German entrepreneur Uwe LENHOFF and the public-listed UK company VELTYCO Group, which he founded, are invovled in NEXUS GLOBAL and supporting the global expansion of the system. Evidently, VELTYCO will use the NEXUS GLOBAL crypto-MLM scheme to push its sports betting and Esports projects and sell them to MLM investors.

Stephen Welk and his crypto-scheme network
Stephan Welk and his crypto-scheme network

Why do we come to that conclusion and where are the facts? Here are the first answers. Additionally, here are our research files on the VELTYCO case.

The German entrepreneur Uwe LENHOFF has invested a lot of time and money in the now prohibited binary options business. Analysing VELTYCO‘s balance sheets and annual reports, it’s fair to say that revenues from binary options business drove the company’s growth. LENHOFF has developed several call centers (some regulators simply call them “Boiler Rooms” and issued cease and desist orders) across Europe for the sales of binary options via various websites such as Option888 or Zoomtrader (Global). Via the listed VELTYCO, revenues from the “cold acquisition” of investors were disguised as commissions and/or as marketing revenues.

In fact, those “marketing revenues” constituted a significant part of investor funds which were refunneled to VELTYCO and LENHOFF. Investors who signed up with the different binary options brands never became aware that LENHOFF and its VELTYCO were behind the different brands. This was cleverly concealed and payment flows were routed via networks to offshore companies (details will follow). From Curacao, the Seychelles via British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cyprus to Belize, no offshore domicile is left out in this global payment network. We have the data. At the heart of these activities is Sofia (Bulgaria), where OneCoin is also at home. And with it an EU location.

The Network’s Sofia-Dubai Connection

It seems that Dubai became the hub for the activities of the crypto-MLM schemes “made in Germany”. Additionally, there is another and maybe even more imporant hub within the EU – Sofia, Bulgaria. At least, Sofia has been the center of the binary options universe within the EU.

LENHOFF has maintained a network of Bulgarian companies and offices for years. In 2017 LENHOFF founded VARKASSO LTD and shortly thereafter sold 51% of the company to VELTYCO. The remaining 49% is held by the Austrian Joachim KALCHER via his BLACK CYAN LTD, also registered in Bulgaria (see details here in our report). In this VARKASSO, a cryptographic payment software (wallet) called 8Crypt (www.8crypt.com) is developed, which in turn forms the technical and organizational basis for the NEXUS GLOBAL crypto-MLM system. Anyone willing to analyze the many marketing statements and documents will find that the communicated goal of NEXUS GLOBAL is to invest in sports betting, eSports, binary options, ICOs, and crypto trading via the 8Crypt Wallet. Besides, these are all transactions requiring approval by the financial market supervisory authorities in the various countries. But NEXUS GLOBAL doesn’t care. They reside in Hong Kong or Dubai or some other offshore location, allegedly with false ID’s provided by Stephan WELK.

Let’s summarize the relationship between NEXUS GLOBAL, VELTYCO and Uwe LENHOFF for this telegram:

  • VELTYCO subsidiary VARKASSO develops the 8Crypt software and the multi-wallet for NEXUS GLOBAL, making it its strategic partner.
  • VARKASSO is located in Sofia as well as other partners and companis of VELTYCO and/or Uwe LENHOFF
  • VARKASSO was founded by Uwe LENHOFF and then sold to VELTYCO.
  • Through VARKASSO, LENHOFF and VELTYCO have a massive influence on the development of the NEXUS GLOBAL
  • In their papers and posts, NEXUS GLOBAL indicates its intention to invest in sports betting, eSports and binary options. These are all VELTYCO‘s business areas.

In view of the facts, it is certainly not wrong to state that the NEXUS GLOBAL scheme is “powered by VELTYCO“.

In the next articles, we will explain the multi-layered relationship between different schemes at the level of personal relationships layer by layer using verified facts.

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