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About FinTech Cowboys – Payvision and Bruc Bond and their Wild West Businesses

The Dutch Payvision and the Israeli-Lithuanian Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International) have in common that they were intensively involved in the fraudulent binary options as payment processors. Let us make no mistake here and therefore make clear that neither of them were scammers or fraudsters themselves. But both have provided services to operators of fraudulent binary options and broker scams and thus facilitated those schemes for their own financial benefit. There have been consequences for both companies in recent days which may or may not be related to their binary options legacy.

B90 Holdings – Public-listed cybercrime facilitator struggling in COVID-19 crisis

Almost four weeks ago, on 17 March 2020, B90 Holdings PLC (formerly Veltyco Group PLC) announced financial problems and announced the suspension of trading of its shares on the London Stock Exchange. The money would last for another 3-4 weeks if the creditors would support the press release disclosed. Since then there has been no update from the B90 Holdings Board of Directors. The COVID 19 crisis is obviously being used by the former scam broker Holding to distract from the real problems.

Breading News – Europol Law Enforcement action in Belgrade against broker – five perpetrators arrested – more than €60 million damage for retail investors

Austrian law enforcement agents are considered the most active and aggressive in Europe. They have acquired an excellent reputation in the field of cybercrime and…

Shares of public-listed scam facilitator B90 Holdings (former Veltyco Group) suspended due to financial problems in the COVID-19 crisis

The notorious B90 Holdings PLC announced a trading halt of its shares along with severe financial issues due to the COVID-19 pandemics. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the AIM segment and was founded in 2016 by the currently imprisoned German Uwe Lenhoff. By way of a so-called Reverse Takeover (RTO), Lenhoff and its partners, the Dutch real-estate investor Dirk-Jan Bakker and the German entrepreneur Falk Preussner, took their online activities to the stock exchange. Taking a scam public is quite an audacious move, isn't it?

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