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We received another email from one of the numerous fund recovery scams that pretend to be an authority. In the email, a financial inspector named Sylvie Hopper ([email protected]) informed us that they found almost $33,000 on an account that seems to be related to us. We could request the payout. Before that, however, we have to make a phone call with the financial inspector (Dutch number +31616780252), who is actually a boiler room agent. Stay very far away.

Below is the fraudulent email:

[Start Email]

We are the department for control and support of financial transactions. Our department ensures the protection and security of transactions. We see that the trading company has conducted illegal transactions using the personal information and funds of its customers. An account was found with funds in your name with a balance of $32,896.63.
After an investigation, a connection between your data and a cryptocurrency wallet was found. Numerous transactions with your information were also recorded. We found that the cryptocurrency wallet with your data was used to make deposits to a trading company. But again, there was no sign of any withdrawal, return, or payout of profits or investments on your part. We found this suspicious. That is why we are turning to you.
Your investments and winnings can be transferred to your e-wallet and then directly to your bank account using Coinbase. Your funds are currently in a highly secure wallet.
Please let us know the day and time we can contact you to help you successfully transfer your funds.
Finally, prepare proof that you have actually ever invested in a trading company (photo, screenshot of investment or bank statement).

Thank you for your cooperation.

[/End Email]

Report Scammers

If you have any information about these or other scammers, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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