Urgent Warning (Again) Against PandaTS-Powered Broker Scam DaxGlobe!

investor warning Daxglobe and Daxiron PandaTS powered broker scams
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We have reported and warned about the vanished PandaTS-powered broker Daxiron and its successor brand DaxGlobe. The offshore entity Synnfrey Sol Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is the stated operator. In or around February 2022, Daxiron vanished, was replaced by DaxGlobe, and continues to attack victims across all regulatory regimes on this planet. Like Daxiron, DaxGlobe deceives its victims with fake documents to prove its legitimacy and show profits. Stay far away and maintain your financial health!

Key data

Trading namesDaxglobe
Daxiron old
Legal entitySynnfrey Sol Ltd
Daxiron Investments Ltd (fake)
JurisdictionCommonwealth of Dominica
White-label platformPandaTS
Attacking languagesEnglish, Spanish, German
[email protected]
Payment gateway (Cashier)Shinepays (https://gate.shinepays.com)
Payment processorsPay Credits (VertexTech Ltd)
Solaris Bank (www.solarisbank.com)
Warnings FCA, CNMV, FI Sweden

Scam narrative

The Daxiron and Daxglobe scams have been operated via the offshore entity Synnfrey Sol Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. Like most white-label brokers on the Israeli PandaTS platform, the scam is well done. Currently, no payment options are available for the Daxglobe scam. Victims can only make deposits after being contacted by the account manager a/k/a boiler room agent.

Previously, we identified Pay Credits (www.pay-credits.com) as the facilitating payment processor in our initial review. Our review on 27 Feb 2022 found that victims can lose their money with credit and debit card deposits via the Shinepays payment gateway and PaynetEasy.

The Solaris Bank Fake

Daxglobe and Daxiron work with fake statements to deceive clients

Daxiron sent a fake Insurance Confirmation Policy to its victims claiming that client deposits would be insured and Solaris Bank would be the institution for Daxiron to manage customer funds. The policy also claims that the Blockchain Center New York would be involved. This organization does not exist. Finally, the policy also promised the victims a bonus of 35% on all deposits to Solaris Bank. Read our report here for more information.

The Blockchain Fake

Daxglobe also works with fake statements of Blockchain (www.blockchain.com), one of the leading crypto exchanges and online crypto wallet operators. See the screenshot left, for example.

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If you have any information about Daxiron, Daxglobe, PandaTS, or any other PandaTS scam clients, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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