What Happened With The Vanished Crypto Payment Processor Finanic?

Vanished crypto payment processor finanic
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Finanic, a payment processor in Estonia with a crypto license from the FIU, has been involved as a payment facilitator in numerous broker scams. Now Finanic OÜ, founded by Latvian Arturs Eglitis, has been deleted. Already in June 2022, the license was archived, and liquidation was announced. Finanic Ltd, which is registered in the UK, is still active. The website www.finanic.io also vanished. We would like to know more about the disappeared payment processor and their operators.

Key Data

Trading nameFinanic
ActivityPayment processor
Scam facilitator
Domainwww.finanic.io (vanished)
Legal entitiesFinanic OÜ (liquidated)
Finanic Ltd
JurisdictionsEstonia, Latvia, United Kingdom
Related individualsArturs Eglitis

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If you have any information about Finanic, its operators, and its activities, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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