Whistleblower Request: Anonymous Payment Gateway Operator ShinePays

Anonymous high-risk payment processor Shinepays
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Most recently, we uncovered the anonymously operating payment gateway ShinePays in the Portrades broker scam. However, in recent years, we have discovered ShinePays as a facilitating payment gateway in many other broker scams. There is no official website. We suspect that the gateway is associated with another payment processor. It connects to the high-risk payment processor and merchant service provider Pacific Pay. We would like to know more about the background of ShinePays.

Key Data

Business nameShinePays
ActivityAnonymous payment gateway
Legal entitynot disclosed
Jurisdictionnot disclosed
Connected schemesPacific Pay, PU Prime, Tredero,

Short Narrative

Similarweb statistics for ShinePays (Jan 2023)
Similarweb statistics for ShinePays (Jan 2023)

More than 83% of ShinePays gateway web traffic comes from referral websites. Among them is the offshore broker PU Prime, which we have already reported about. More than 77% of the referral traffic comes through PU Prime. More than 15% of the website visitors come via the Pacific Pay website. The rest comes mainly from other broker schemes such as Tredero or Portrades.

ShinePays is primarily a payment gateway of the dark grey to black internet. There are reasons for operating anonymously and without a website presence. We would like to know more.

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If you have any information about ShinePays, its operators, facilitators, and partners, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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