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Since mid-March 2018 we are digging deep in the Crypto-MLM schemes as well as the ICO-scams.

Thanks to our work in cryptospace since 2012,  we have made our own experience with money-launderers and we ourselves considered to do a Token Sale but canceled due to regulatory uncertainties. So, regarding ICO-scams there have been only a few surprises to us. The biggest one was that ICO-scams are dwarfed by a much larger scam: crypto MLMs. With the crypto world discussing the ICO-Scams, unfortunately no one is speaking about the Crypto-MLMs. There inexperienced retail people have been lured into fraudulent schemes for years and were defrauded. Hundreds of thousands now equal crypto with fraud.

There is a valuable online source, that has covered MLM-schemes and their fraudulent methods for years and has started to report also on Crypto-MLM schemes as the MLM-schemes moved into the cryptoscene: www.behindmlm.com.   The domain was set up as in 2010, the blogger behind are anonymous, but there are rumors that the blog is run by a German (Klaus Bardenhagen) and a US guy (Michael Turton).

With us being Newbies in the field of Crypto-MLM schemes, www.behindmlm.com has always been a great resource and therefore we want to draw our readers´attention to this great blog: in case you have ever invested in any MLM-scheme (Lyonnais,MML, ONECOIN,..) go there and check for valuable information. There are much too few reliable resources on these creepy and disgusting MLM-schemes out there.

We definitely like the clear words of the bloggers (Oz is the avatar for the bloggers in the comment section) :

behindmlm comment
behindmlm Comment

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