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A #StopEFRI Threat from Payment Services Providers and the announcement of public actions

Last updated on August 6, 2019

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Tonight another threat has been sent to the various email addresses of FinTelegram and EFRI and to the persons behind them. Through the encrypted email service Protonmail, a group of allegedly “honest” payment services providers has criticized EFRI and FinTelegram for taking action against the industry. Apparently, the writer is German-speaking. At least that is what we assume from the wording and idioms in the email.

Calling out perpetrators is disgusting

The sender of the email calls himself ‘Machine‘. The worst thing about FinTelegram and EFRI would be that names and details of the fraudsters would be mentioned publicly, the Machine argues. That would be disgusting and would only be done to get money from the victims of the scammers. This would drive the honest operators of (illegal) payment services to despair. If EFRI does not stop this immediately, a comprehensive report would also be published by them. It would also contain details and put the people of FinTelegram and EFRI in the public spotlight.

Murdered journalists

The email includes a direct reference to the murder of investigative journalists by sick and dangerous people. This is the third homicide threat we have received in the last 12 months.

Are you aware that people have been murdered before for being falsely accused of being a scammer? Even journalists have been hurt before by sick, dangerous people.. 

Machine explains the danger for critical journalist

The email contained some pictures (see below) that were apparently taken over several days. The Machine mentions surveillance over a couple of days. Both the operator of EFRI and the editor of FinTelegram were followed and pictured on various occasions. The son of the EFRI operator was also captured in the photo.

Over the last month or two, our team has taken an ethical approach to fully evaluating your website, business, personal, and other activities. Our team of men has surveillance both of you carefully. 

Machine explains the EFRI and FinTelegram surveillance

EFRI Campaigns against illegal payment services providers

Obviously, the Machine and his partners were directly affected by one of the EFRI Fund Recovery campaigns. In recent weeks, EFRI has turned to some of the payment service providers who have supported Broker Scams with their services. Companies such as B2G or Moorwand have facilitated broker scams with their services in defrauding retail investors and money laundering.

Alternatives: delete information or be punished

At the end of the email, the Machine offers an alternative to avoid public actions against EFRI, FinTelegram and its people. FinTelegram has to take the details about the illegal PSPs and the persons acting offline. Else, they themselves would publish a report about us with the very same disgusting details.

If you would like to instead operate an honest business and remove ALL personal information associated with the website,  let us know.  These good people will no longer tolerate this type of aggressive internet marketing tactics to make money from actual scam victims.

Machine explains how to avoid actions against EFRI and FinTelegram

So, dear Machine, we are open for any contact, any information and any discussion. But please no threats. So many bad things have been said about FinTelegram, EFRI and their people already. Why should we fear more nonsense?

If you, dear Machine, have cooperated with scammers, disclose that and support us and the authorities to get these scammers. This is in the interest of the defrauded retail investors and the financial market. Maybe you were cheated by these scammers too. That may well be. Then disclose that and we will take joint action against these scammers. In any case, from our point of view, all necessary activities must be undertaken to put a stop to these excessive CyberScam activities.

Stop EFRI threat
Stop EFRI pictures taken by perpetrators
Stop EFRI threat

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