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Dear FinTelegram Readers,

ARBITRACOIN Research Report coming soon, FuturoCoin identified as another scam by the same promoters.

of all, we would like to thank you for the many messages regarding ARBITRACOIN upon our request for information. In the meantime, we have continued our research and have also been able to identify some key persons.

It, of course, came to our attention that the website www.arbitracoin.com vanished and went offline. As did many other text and video contributions around ARBITRACOIN in social media channels. Apparently, they’re cleaning up systematically. We have also recognized Michael HERRMANN‘s nice blog post “Thanks to the Hater” qualifying FinTelegram in a reaction to our report to the typical “Hater” and draws our initiative into the ridiculous. Just to delete his videos immediately.

It will take a few more days to complete our research report and we hence ask for a little more patience. In the meantime, we have also sought contact with lawyers to assist any potentially scammed party in claiming their payments.

Please be aware that we also realized that FUTUROCOIN has the same promoters as ARBITRACOIN. So in case you have invested in FUTUROCOIN pls also contact us.


In case you suspect to have invested in a Scam, pls be aware that very often (like with ARBITRACOIN) websites just get vanished, pls make copies of the white papers and keep copies of team and advisor webpages.

With best regards

Your Team FinTelegram

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